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Pretty & Powerful: Maria Roye

Maria Roye, 39, Officiant of Love/Inked-Weddings, Elopement Styled Wedding Packages &(Permanent Cosmetics Professional) Inked-Cosmetics

Q: How did you start within the profession you’re currently in & how long have you been in it?

Not long professionally speaking (less than a year) however I’ve been an advocate of love all my life! I got the idea to offer elopement styled weddings after I was engaged and started to plan my own wedding. Planning this small intimate wedding, proved to be a huge challenge mentally, physically & financially. On average, $20,000 is spent on a 2-3 hour wedding. For a frugal woman, like myself, I just could not get over this expense. The other option, a court house wedding is excellent financially! However, you miss out on the intimacy and personal creative influence of a traditional wedding. Before Inked-Wedding came about in Columbus, an expensive traditional wedding and a court house wedding were your only options.

Q: What is that inspiration that keeps you thriving?

I love to be somewhat unique in all that I do. I enjoy being remembered or referenced for a quality of service not offered anywhere else. I like to give people something that they didn’t realize they needed.

Q: What has been your biggest achievement thus far, that you’re most proud of?

Honestly, it’s the simple fact that I took that first step to manifest my idea/dream. I have been a dreamer all my life. I’ve had some amazing ideas, until recently I’ve never had the courage to take that first step to make my dream a reality…now that I have a few businesses going I can’t be stopped! Now, I enjoy working with others to help them manifest their dreams. All it takes is that first step!

Q: What would you say makes you Pretty & Powerful? What do most call on you for?

I would say, how I see others. As the quote goes, “ We can only see things within others that we see within ourselves” We all have the ability to be amazing. It’s really as simple as waking up and putting our best foot forward. I push and promote others because I always choose to see their greatness…People are always calling on me to give them that push into the next phase of their career, relationship or life. I love it! If you have the drive, I’ll motivate you along the journey.

Q: What advice would you give to someone that may be aspiring to enter into the profession or industry you’re in?

No matter the industry, GOOOOO FOR IT! That first step is everything-is your courage to do more and be more to. Again, just go for it!

Q: On a transparent level, name a moment when you almost gave up on your success journey, but found the momentum & power to move forward?

Honestly, as of lately I’ve been struggling with balancing my businesses and life, wanting to quit/sell everything due to frustrations and exhaustion. I know what I want and need to do but I’m kinda afraid to totally let loose of my safety net (Corporate America) and truly pursue MY legacy. I don’t truly feel successful because I have a crutch even though I’m making more money on my own than in my corporate position. This goes to show you exactly how fear of failure works…Fear of Failure is all mental. So to answer your question, I’m still looking for the momentum to move forward on my own.

Q: What projects are you working on; that you can share & where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

One of my business (Inked-Cosmetics.com) offers fully spa services. We have Licensed Estheticians onsite providing amazing aesthetic services. We are currently looking for a bigger space in the Downtown area to provide you with a list of or services including non-invasive body contouring. Inked-Cosmetics will also be opening its THIRD location in Birmingham, AL in April! I would like to offer franchise opportunities in the future. I have a pretty good niche with Inked-Weddings. If you live in say Birmingham, AL you should not have to go to Vegas or Jamaica to elope…you can simply visit your local Inked-Weddings location and have an intimate wedding choosing an array of wedding packages all under $1500

Q: In closing what Powerful profound message would you leave to other fellow Pretty & Powerful females climbing the ladder to success?

Never be afraid to help your “sista” out. Share and spread the knowledge. Doing so will only expand your horizons. Our communities and legacies depend on you!