• Kirsten King

The Power to Obtain Wealth Symposium: A Shift in the Atmosphere

On yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending & being a guest speaker for The Power to Obtain Wealth Symposium hosted by Prophetess Breonna Anderson & Apostle Cedric Anderson. The room was filled with Entrepreneurs and Ministers eager to have knowledge imparted unto them to reach a new level in wealth. It was truly an impactful event that left me feeling excited about the endless opportunities of creating and generating wealth for my family & generations to come.

Wealth is not just about money and we have to learn to adapt a different mindset as it relates to it and utilize specific principles to advance the kingdom. With my area of expertise being Social Media Marketing & Branding, I was able to share my story of how I branded myself in a city where I knew no one; built a reputable business that has generated revenue to provide for my kids and I for the past 9 years. I've also built powerful relationships and made divine connections that a dollar amount cannot be placed on. In addition to my story, I gave 7 Keys to Successful Branding & Social Media Marketing.

1. Have a Goal/plan for your business brand!! Write down your top 3 goals !!

2. Identify what your niche is!

3. Be Authentic & Genuine!!! Tell your story!!

4. Know your target audience!! Everyone is not your customer!

5. Invest in YOU!!! Dominate your lane!!

6. Post with a Purpose on Social Media

7. Be Consistent & Committed to what your GOAL is!!

My portion was only a piece of this epic event there were other guest speakers that definitely ignited a spirit of excitement to GROW & GLO in WEALTH. Some of my biggest takeaways are as follows:

Apostle Senador Hines, Sr: I am a WEALTHINAIRE!!

Apostle Evelyn Jacobs: Develop a spirit of EXCELLENCE !

Prophetess Elisha Dupree: You’re so busy doing broke people things, you can’t receive your millions! Get in position.

Apostle Melvin Shorter: SPENDING is the new curse word! I no longer spend MONEY, I use MONEY, I circulate MONEY!

Check out pictures from this epic event and be sure to add Prophetess Breonna Anderson (Facebook) @iambreonnaanderson (Instagram) on social media to stay updated on more conferences in the future.