• Kirsten King

Cocktails and Credit: Securing the Bag in 2019

When Shay & Stanley Christopher reached out to me about coordinating and hosting their event, I had no idea what was in store for me. Normally, when hosting and coordinating events, its a job I'm hired to carry out, I deliver and move forward.

Sunday things were so much different. There were 30+ attendees gathered at The Gardens Clubhouse in Phenix City, Alabama for the small, intimate event; Credit & Cocktails which featured The Christophers, along with Guest Speakers/ Executive Sales Directors, Samuel & Tierra Richardson.

This event was so much deeper than getting tips on good credit and delicious cocktails but hearing personal stories and testimonies from Stanley Christopher & The Richardson's. Personally speaking I wasn't raised & equipped with all of the knowledge of having a great credit score and the importance of great credit. It was one of those things where... as I got older, I had to learn through trial and error and still now figuring out how to get the maximum score and pass the knowledge down to my kids. They really made me realize & think how life's situations both expected and unexpected always somehow divert back to having good credit and creating a legacy/generational wealth for your children, grandchildren, etc.

From Credit Restoration to Budgeting, Creating a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Financial Lockbox and more. The attendees were amazed at all of the knowledge being poured into the atmosphere. It was almost as if this program is the best kept secret. Listening to the perks of joining FES Protection plan was beyond rewarding! Its definitely for the person thats ready to "Live their best Life" in 2019. There's no longer an excuse to not owning your own home, buying your own car & being able to have credit cards in your wallet/purse for hard times. The evening was so great I decided to sign up to not only increase my score but to also be able to assist others in securing their bag and their future.

If you're looking to level up your credit score to get approved or a NEW HOME, NEW CAR, or simply become educated on CREDIT RESTORATION and the perks email me today at kirstenkd30@gmail.com in the subject line type SECURING MY FUTURE & lets get you where you need to be!!

A huge thank you to Stanley & Shay Christopher for allowing me to host and provide Event Management services. It was truly a blessing!

Check out pictures from this amazing event below: