• Kirsten King

The 3 F's in Business: Faith, Failure, & Fear

Upon starting my new podcast, I wanted to center my platform around me, Kirsten, the person, the Brand. I begin to think about how others perceive me and view my platform. Often times, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, most probably think "Wow she makes it look so easy" or "wow she never has bad days". Its those things that prompted me to open up and share the good, the bad, the ugly, the wins & the losses of my journey.

My first episode the 3 F's in Business really give the inside scoop of what I felt stepping out on Faith into the Entrepreneur world. As it hasn't been easy, it has been indeed worth it. Press play and get all the nuggets & transparency moments. Download to save for your future listening pleasures, as the podcast is accessible via Spreaker, Itunes, & Spotify.