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Pretty & POWERFUL: Ms. Chatora Berry

Chatora Berry, Nurse Practitioner

Q: How did you start within the profession you’re currently in & how long have you been it?

A. I graduated from nursing school in 2004. I started to obtain my Master’s degree in 2009, however, I had to cease my studies to take care of my mom while she was fighting to become a cancer survivor. I finally went back to finish my goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner in 2014. I completed my studies in 2016.

Q. What is your inspiration that keeps you thriving?

A. My kids are my motivator. I had my oldest at the young age of 19. That inspired me to prove that becoming a mother at a young age would not deter my goals of finishing college and becoming a nurse. I became pregnant with my daughter my last year of nursing school, which yet again, I had to prove that I could accomplish my goal. They push me to be greater daily because I know I am their first teacher, motivator, and I pray role model in hopes that they will always be proud of.

Q. What has been the hardest part of what you do, that you make look Pretty easy?

A. The hardest part of accomplishing my goals has been working full time, being a single parent, and having long nights of little sleep. Although this was a tedious journey, I am blessed that God placed me in an amazing family, gave me friends who became family, and placed people in our lives to make sure that I always succeeded.

Q. What has been your biggest achievement thus far, that you’re most proud of?

A. My biggest achievement has been able to see my kids grow up happy and watch them become unique individuals who are striving to achieve their own dreams and goals. Nothing is more important to me than seeing them become productive adults.

Q. What would you say makes you Pretty & Powerful?

A. My Pretty & Powerful is being a mother. There are times I amaze myself because I don’t know how I make things happen with their school schedules, sports activities, and everyday parenting. Not only do I make it happen for my kids, but I have a few bonus babies that mean the world to me.

Q. What advice would you give to someone that may be aspiring to enter into the profession or industry you’re in?

A. My advice to those who are aspiring to be in the nursing or medical field is to never give up on your goals and be willing to sacrifice your time. Studying, clinicals, tests, etc. require time and self-discipline. When you are young, it is hard to turn down hanging with friends and going out, but the reward is worth if it you stay the course. There will be time for you to celebrate all of your hard work.

Q. On a transparent level, name a moment when you almost gave up on your success journey, but found the momentum & power to move forward?

A. During my undergraduate, there was never a time I almost gave up. Through all the trials and mishaps, my son gave me the strength daily to keep pushing because I knew I had to succeed for him. It was not about just me anymore, but about being responsible for a life that I created. During my graduate degree, I almost gave up when there were times financially that I knew I could do better by just going to get a part-time job but that wasn’t possible if I were going to stay full time in my graduate program. I had to learn to sacrifice and thankfully I had an amazing support system who motivated me to keep pushing.

Q. What projects are you working on; that you can share & where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

A. I am currently working on a personal blog that will depict information for women’s health, nutrition, home remedies, general health information, and features from different specialties such as pediatric, emergency medicine, and holistic care. In the next 3-5 years, I plan to start on my doctorate and I would like to start on speaking at national and local conferences. Teaching is a passion of mine, so I do see myself engaged in this arena as well.

Q. In closing what Powerful profound message would you leave to other fellow Pretty & Powerful females climbing the ladder to success?

A. The message I give to any person on the path to success, is always place God first in whatever you do, walk by faith and not sight, and never take NO for an answer. When one door closes, go open up another one. That’s just God telling you that the path you were seeking is not the one he has destined for you. You must be your biggest motivator, always encourage yourself!

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