• Kirsten King

Pretty & Powerful: Miss Cayley McCelos

Cayley Mccelos, 23, GirlzzWhoHustle

Q: How did you start within the profession you’re currently in & how long have you been it?

A. I started out just helping my friends and other ladies bring their visions to light. I was coordinating events, making branded content and providing helpful tools. When I realized what my passion was, I reached out to my now mentor, Kirsten King for the visions I was having for my brand and she just confirmed everything. Every since then GirlzzWhoHustle has been booming since 2017, helped 20+ ladies start they brand plus providing vendors list, held 3 major events, and collaborated with other BOSSBABES.

Q: What is your inspiration that keeps you thriving?

A. My inspiration that keeps me thriving are my kids and the ladies I help.

Q: What has been the hardest part of what you do, that you make look Pretty easy?

A. The hardest part about what I do, that may look easy to others is balancing mom life and business life.

Q: What has been your biggest achievement thus far, that you’re most proud of?

A. My biggest achievement has to be the Girlbosses Of Faith conference that I put on in March. That conference was about us as girlbosses coming together to acknowledge God in giving us our vision to make our brand what it is today.

Q: What would you say makes you Pretty & Powerful?

A. I would say what makes me most pretty and powerful is me just being DOPE in what I do. Like I just receive a natural high when ladies come to me for help with ANYTHING, especially my young babies. A. I would have to say you would have to have a lot of patience and willingness to help others to do what I do.

Q. What advice would you give to someone that may be aspiring to enter into the profession or industry you’re in?

A. I never thought about giving up what I do because if so I would be giving up on my blessings God has/have for me. A. Right now, I am working on The First Ever Kiddie Prom 2k18 here in Columbus,Ga. July 14th at the Trade Center. This event is for kids to get dressed up for one night and just have the time of their lives. I can not wait to see these babies SLAY in they kid friendly formal fits. A. I would say ALWAYS be yourself and just know it doesn’t matter who is doing what you are doing in this business industry, just remember can’t anyone do what you do LIKE YOU!!!