• Kirsten King


I can remember visiting a women's conference last year, as I was pointed out to come to the front.... I can remember the woman of God ministering to me & speaking into my life.... as she began to lay hands the last words I remember her speaking to me were " my dear you're Pretty & Powerful"... and those very words stuck with me. Since that day, I've been pondering on how I could incorporate it somehow into my platform and it hit me....instead of featuring "Girls in Charge" how about I switch it up & feature "PRETTY & POWERFUL" women.

When I say PRETTY ...its not all about the physical appearance.... is your heart PRETTY? is your grind PRETTY? is your attitude PRETTY? is your mental stability PRETTY? are you as PRETTY inside as you are outside? When you put all of those things into place... I'd like to think you have one POWERFUL individual. The phrase speaks volumes... PRETTY & POWERFUL....if this is you I'd love to spotlight you & your brand on my blog. Let me introduce you to my audience.... & lets DOMINATE!! Its GLO UP season! :)