• Kirsten King

When the PURPOSE is fulfilled...my job is done!

My annual event, The Mother & Son Dance embarked upon 6 years last Saturday. In preparation for the event, I was always in constant prayer asking God for his guidance, grace, favor & mercy as the planning begin until the day of. While holding an event as such, catering to over 400 mothers & sons, you can't help but have feelings of anxiety and nervousness. You always want to ensure you're giving 100%, so that the vision will manifest & the mothers and sons enjoy and have a great experience from the time they purchase their tickets till the time they enter and leave the dance.

Well, this year the 6th Annual Mother & Son dance exceeded my expectations. I must say this was one of the best ones to date. Sure we had a few minor hiccups here and there but no one is perfect and we need those errors to continuously aim for perfection year after year. My staff of volunteers executed in a spirit of excellence, the dj & host were entertaining as if they'd known each other for years, the photographer was snapping away printing memories all night, the room was decorated beautifully in theme looking colorful and vibrant, and the attendees did what they came to do... BOND, DANCE, CREATE MEMORIES, & GIVE EACH A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.

Im always overjoyed after the dance to receive text messages, inbox messages, phone calls etc from mother expressing how great of a time they had and what it did for them and their son or sons. Reading the posts scrolling down my timeline brings me an additional feeling of joy and big smiles knowing that my team and I was able to deliver yet another successful event to the Tri-City and surrounding areas.

A huge thank you to all that attended this epic event and I look forward to seeing you all on next year!