• Kirsten King

Girls In Charge: Tracy Gomes

Within my business, I have tons of clients that I have provided services for & somehow we always build some sort of relationship. Last year, this amazing woman reached out to me to provide a Brand Assessment for her hott online boutique, The Platinum Label. After the assessment, having an event coming up, I decided to support her by purchasing a dress for an upcoming event I was hosting. I had my eyes on 2 dresses, but only purchased one...to my surprise when she delivered them to my office, she had both dresses in the bag; the purchased one & one as a token of love. How is awesome is that? Fast forward to this year, I reached out again for an exclusive item for my upcoming photo shoot, she researched and had 3 items delivered to my office, neither of them fit my theme....needless to say, yet again she said "No worries, keep all 3 of them, they're on me" ... Wow! I thought, of course I thanked her but I counted it as a blessing to be connected to awesome Girls in Charge with a big, giving spirit thinking of others when she could have easily made a profit. That alone makes her a Girl In Charge & her business will forever flourish. 

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