• Kirsten King

Conquering Your Tomorrow, Today: Central Middle School Promotional Address

It was indeed an honor to be the guest speaker to deliver the Promotional Address to the phenomenal, amazing students of Central Middle School. The feeling was very surreal as I was once an 8th grader at the same exact school. Never in a million years would I have seen this opportunity in my future. I'm humbled and thankful that the staff considered & chose me as the person to pour into the graduating class reaching an unforgettable milestone in life. Below is my "Promotional Address", I pray my address touched at least one child & provided them confidence in their abilities to conquer the adjustment of entering into high school and off to college to become successful adults.

"I’m a bit nervous as I stand before you all today, this is my first time speaking in front of a large audience. As I stand here, I can’t believe it because as I reflect back on my 8th grade year here at Central, I would’ve never thought that I would be in the position I am in today. Although I didn’t think I would be where I am, I always knew deep down inside that I wanted to be a success at whatever I aspired to do. I always thought about my tomorrow because I knew that what I ever I did as a child or teenager, would somehow determine the success of my future.

As you all are sitting here today looking beautiful, handsome & excited to be going into high school. This is a huge transition & a milestone that you will definitely remember… now is the time to begin CONQUERING YOUR TOMORROW TODAY!! That simply means: what are you going to do right now in the present moment to ensure your future is rewarding & great to you. Kindegarten -8th grade has probably been very fun, easy & maybe challenging at times… but High school is totally different ball game. I’m going to give you all 4 tips to always keep in back of your mind as your entering into high school!

  1. Set goals. There is nothing wrong with thinking big, having dreams & knowing exactly what you want you out of life. It is a great idea to write your goals down & come up with a plan as to how you are going to reach your goals. I always encourage my teenagers (8th & 9th grader) to set goals, we even set goals and do vision boards together, every year.. and everything that we place on the board or write down for that particular year always happen. Even throughout the year my daughter takes colorful post it notes and write positive action words, goals on them and place them around her favorite mirror that loves. So that every morning as she’s getting dressed, she see positive words & her goals in front her. My son utilizes his Notes on his phone to keep a list of his goals in front of him at all times. I created a digital one as picture & saved it as my screensaver on my phone, so that I will always see my goals! The idea is to keep your goals in front of you.

So I challenge,Over the summer sit down & think about high school, ask yourself?

  • What type of grades do I want to make?

  • What clubs do I want to join, what sports do I want to be involved in?

  • How can I improve and do better than I have done? Never get content with your grades! Always work harder…

  • What do you want to be when you grow up, what college you aspire to attend along with the requirements? Research and get all information possible.

Setting goals is one of the key factors in conquering your tomorrow!! You want to be ready!

  1. Surround yourself with positivity! It is impossible to be a success in high school or life when you have negative vibes & friends in your circle. You should always surround yourself with like-minded individuals who want to be great and avoid trouble at all cost. When you’re surrounded by positivity, you’re more focused on the goals you’ve set and your positive friends can assist you in reaching those goals as well. Also you can seek out a mentor, counselor, or someone that you trust to always give you a positive outlook on anything that you may be experiencing good or bad.

  1. Believe in yourself , always try & never give up! No matter how hard things may get you have to continuously tell yourself I got this. High school will be a major adjustment but you must not be afraid to ask for help, if you need it. Always be willing to listen, observe, & absorb anything that can help you reach any goal that you’ve set for high school.

  • Be organized & develop good study habits

  • Don’t be a procrastinator (waiting to the last minute to get things done)

  • Your attitude determines your aptitude- how you handle things, behave, & the way you think determines how far you go.

Be confident in your abilities to be a great.

  1. Pace yourself!! Do not rush yourself to get ahead or compete with others. If you take your time & apply yourself everything you want to happen will happen. You’re only competing with the person in the mirror. Never feel pressured to do anything that will put your goals at risk. You have to make wise decisions at all times…

So lets go through the 4 tips once again!

  1. Set Goals

  2. Surround yourself with positivity

  3. Believe in yourself & never give up

  4. Pace yourself

So to this awesome room full of graduating 8th graders, I would like to say congratulations, always keep your eyes on success & a big promising future! You’ve made it this far & the sky is indeed the limit!!

Thank you!!"

Below are a few pictures to include my daughter and some of the graduates!