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Girls In Charge: Tasha Pough

What are the odds of you & your best friend becoming entrepreneurs around the same time, pushing each other to greatness & years later you both are still winning. Allow me to introduce Tasha L. Pough owner of Tasha's Dance & Prep.

Tasha LaVasia Pough

35 yrs old

Tasha's Dance & Prep/Owner & Director

Education: B.A. - Business Information Systems (Albany State University) M.S. - Human Resource Management (Troy State University)

How did you break into your industry or get started? I ventured into entrepreneurship in November 2011, after leaving Corporate America. I then decided to follow my passion in teaching dance. My first class was held in my living room. Tasha's Dance & Prep was born.

What or who is your inspiration? My inspiration are all the youth & young adults that look up to me. It is imperative that I not only teach Dance, be a positive role model to my girls. I teach them how to win, how to take a loss, how to work hard for anything you want & how to be humble & thankful and to always be ladies.

What has been the hardest part of what it is you do? The hardest part of what I do making time to stay current with my marketing efforts. The environment gets more competitive as times goes on. Therefore, I have to keep learning and discovering ways to connect with potential clients.

What has been your biggest achievements thus far? I have several big achievements - National recognition through the collaboration with local rap group who appeared on BET's Wild Out Wednesday in 2012, Numerous 1st Place recognition with my competition team "TDP Dancing Divas of Columbus Ga" & a successful Dance Competition titled "Casting Call" in 2016.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to enter your industry or area of expertise? My advice to upcoming dance studio owners is consistency & professionalism! Be consistent in your endeavors. Don't ever give up pursuing your dream. Remain professional. You will encounter different personalities that will challenge your morals but for your brand sake - remain professional.

What projects are you working on (that you can share)? Upcoming Projects - Summer Registration for Hip Hop & Majorette Classes. I will also have my 2nd Annual "Casting Call.... The Sequel" Dance Competition in Fall 2017.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I see myself owning 2 studios .. one in Columbus Ga & another in the Atlanta area. I see my brand reaching new heights with innovative classes, community service projects & a TDP Scholarship Program. The sky is the limit... I know I can achieve anything I put my mind too! #LetsDance

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