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Girls In Charge: Kimberly Nikia Hardrick

Name: Kimberly Nikia Hardrick

Age: 37

Job Title/ Position: Founder, Heart 2 Heart

Education: Currently attending University of Phoenix majoring in Accounting

How did you break into your industry or get started? By vending at different events and meeting new people (entrepreneurs). I took what I learned from those events and doing my own research, I was able to start hosting my own events.

What is your inspiration? God and my children, outside of that, I love working and helping people in any way I can no matter what it is. When I am hosting events, especially for those who are vending for the very first time, their facial expression after the event is priceless. If I can help one person step out and make their dream or vision come to life, it gives me a warm feeling on the inside. There are several people who are creative but are afraid to take that first step and that is where my events come in. They are able to display their product(s) and the guests come to them.

What has been the hardest part of what it is you do? Trying to get a full house. I have a steady flow but I would love for the building to be full. We have some awesome local business owners here and I hate that some do not know.

What has been your biggest achievement thus far? Not giving up no matter the circumstance. Even when I had people who counted me out, I still pushed on. It was nobody but God.

What advice would you give to someone trying to get his or her foot in the door? First make sure that whatever it is, its something you have a passion for and not just doing it to just to be doing it. Don't be afraid to step out on faith. It's not easy but you will have to do your part and that means working long hours investing in your business. Knowing that it is not always about making money, its about networking and getting connected with the right people so you can grow.

What projects are you currently working on (that you can share)? My next event is Saturday, June 10th held at The Gallery at Fountain Park. Its called "We Love Dads". It's pretty much the same concept as the others; however, since this event is the weekend before Father's Day, I'm focusing more so on our men. From the giveaways, swag bags, etc. I am currently seeking sponsors and donations for the swag bags/giveaways. After that, my next one will be my annual Breast Cancer/Domestic Violence event which is Saturday, October 21st. Now I am currently looking for vendors as well as sponsors and donations for the swag bags.

Former Events: Hustle & Heels, Boss Moves

Feature Events: October Event

I am looking for motivated/driven people to join my Paparazzi Team. Also I will be working on some more custom-made ties for women and I'm also vending this year in other cities. In addition to those great things, Im also a brand ambassador for the House of Toni B @houseofTonib

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Continuing hosting my events, gain more clients to style, moved up in rank within the Paparazzi business, hosting, vending in other cities and states in the Southeast region.

Follow me on social media:

Instagram: @uniquekimmie04

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimberly.hardrick

Paparazzi accessories: www.paparazziaccessories.com/24417