• Kirsten King

Spring Clean Your Social Media

I love the change of seasons but I particularly love Spring!

Why? Because it's something about the Spring that makes you want to readjust, clear the clutter to enjoy the breeze & the beautiful scenery.

I try to apply this same logic to what I like to see on my social media platforms. Set aside a few hours during the first few days of Spring to revamp & Spring clean your social media.

  • Delete deactivated accounts

  • Delete negative friends & followers

  • Remove old pics that may be damaging to your brand

  • Hide posts that gain little to no engagement

  • Change your profile pictures & featured photos

  • Remove yourself from groups that hold no value

  • Deactivate accounts that you no longer use.

These are just a few Spring cleaning tips to get you ready for your new social media season. Get to cleaning!

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