• Kirsten King

Girls In Charge: Felicia L. Hamilton

Name: Felicia L. Hamilton

Age: 46

Position: Business Owner, Speaker, Author

Education: College Graduate, Auburn University, Southeastern Louisiana, Columbus State University

Breaking Into My Industry: I broke into my industry inadvertently. I was in college, had lost my financial aid privileges and needed to continue to pay for school. I loved parties so therefore I turned my passion into profit by becoming a party promoter.

My Inspiration: Looking at successful people who are in a similar industry or have similar stories or paths.

Biggest Achievement: Reaching my 24 year mark of entrepreneurship

My advice: Network, Network, Network

New Projects: Hello Bombshell Magazine

5 Year Projection: Retired from the event business and strictly teaching the Hustle

IG: @TheSilentMogul

FB: @FeliciaLHamilton

Twitter: @FeliciaHamilton