• Kirsten King

Nyoki Lewis Hunt

Nyoki is the Founder of Xquizitely Flawed where she specializes in working with women and young ladies going through trials & tribulations helping them reignite their fire. Her efforts are supporting them through feeling alone, embarrassed or lost and she helps them through that & teaches them to embrace their flaws. She believes we all have them, some of us just recognize the beauty in them. She offers a service she calls the PinkPrint Session and this is working with her client to redesign their personal goals for accomplishing them with a heightened sense of confidence. Nyoki is out of the Chicagoland area but she also speaks out of state in Tennessee every year to ladies that have lost children as a result of domestic violence. Nyoki also features a young lady on her website each month as a way to start using their voice. On social media platforms she is @xquizitlyflawed & you can find her website at: www.xquizitelyflawed.com