• Kirsten King

The Singlemompreneur Book Launch Was A Success!

It feels very surreal to add the title "Author" to my list of accomplishments. From the day I decided to write my first book, "The Diary of A Singlemompreneur" to the present, I still cannot believe I actually wrote this goal down and accomplished it within the time frame I desired. There were many times during the process of writing, I almost gave up and talked myself into waiting until another time.. but God always whispered, "No, do it now!

From Chapter 5 to the end, it was very easy for me to write, but from the beginning to Chapter 5 it was very challenging. I didn't want to feel as though I was telling too much of my business but I knew if I was going to inspire others, I would have to be very transparent, honest, and give my truths as it relates to me not having a father, seeking love from men, having kids 15 months apart, different dads and raising them alone. Although it was hard, it was also very therapeutic for me. Several times while writing, I shed tears because I know that God's grace, mercy, & favor was surely poured upon me during my lost times. The Diary of a Singlemompreneur, is sure to be a relatable read for single mothers, entrepreneurs, & overall women striving to be great!

The love and support I've received has been so overwhelming & heartfelt. Its a blessing to have an audience of people intrigued by my testimony and truly want to see me win. My launch party was a combination of family, friends, staff, supporters, & fans! It was truly a great day, that made me feel super proud of myself for this big accomplishment. I will never take my platform lightly, always incorporate my "Why" into every move that I make, & continue to deliver greatness for those following, watching, & admiring my hustle.

Purchase your copy of "The Diary of A Singlemomprenuer" today! You will not regret it!

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