• Kirsten King

Kirsten Wants To Share Her Platform!

As a female entrepreneur, its very important to surround yourself with and network with other like-minded individuals. Anytime, I encounter a female that doesn't mind sharing information, knowledge or her expertise... I feel empowered to pass on the same love to another female. Therefore, I decided to not only give valuable knowledge and expertise on my platform, but also spotlight other Girls In Charge across the world highlighting their brand through a brief Q & A with live links to their social media platforms and or website.

If there are any Girls In Charge in my location or surrounding areas, I wanted to offer the up-close and personal feel by inviting her to the lounge for a live, candid interview... allowing my guest Girl in Charge the stage to shine.

My honest belief is it takes nothing away from me to help another female be great! What's for me is coming to me regardless!! Because I'm a Girl In Charge of my Destiny!! Sign up today for a Girl in Charge Feature! Lets Connect...