• Kirsten King

Find Your Why & Go Hard

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey one thing that I've learned that has been very valuable to me is "Identify your WHy". This is so important because above all else you need that solid source of motivation that will cause you to go harder than ever when you're faced with the many trials & tribulations of life and entrepreneurship. Your "Why" is that constant reminder that giving up is not an option. If you don't have a "why" you need to do some deep soul searching & ask yourself... Why am I pursuing this particular path? Why am I going so hard? Once you identify that, you will unlock the door to another level of hustle to go harder than ever.

My "Why" is my kids. Being a single mother for quite some time now, giving up is not option. Being lazy is not an option, I've got to give it all I got to reach new levels of success & succeed at this parenting thing. Each day I learn something different about parenting, Each day they're growing older needing even more than they did the year before...therefore Im left with no choice but to go hard. So each day God blesses with breath in my body, they're my constant source of motivation, to go get all thats out there for us.

Much success to those that know their "why" & go hard daily looking for whats next!! <3