• Kirsten King

4 Effective Daily Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is the top social networking platform & it is steadily growing by the minute. Don't you dare think about deactivating your account. Maybe you need to change your outlook & the purpose you utilize the popular platform for. Facebook marketing has been very key in the growth & exposure of my businesses & my non-profit organization. Below are 3 tips you can implement daily to help grow your Facebook audience.

*Start your morning off with a motivational post, nobody wants to hear your personal issues or how bad your night was. Set the tone for your day & your followers with positivity.

*Give valuable information & tips as it relates to your business and the services or products you provide. No matter what day, if someone views your profile they should be able to get a general understanding of who you are & what you do.

*Utilize Facebook live, upload videos, or post pictures. Making posts are great, but sometimes people love to view pictures or look at videos that serve the same purpose versus reading long drawn out posts. Just be sure it all relates to you, your business, & the end game.

*Create a call-to-action. Ask your audience a question to engage interaction and get a feel for your followers & also direct them to other platforms or your website.

Apply these tips daily & be consistent, you will begin to see major progress & a shift in your audience. All value eliminating the bs.