• Kirsten King

Get a Headstart on Your Hustle

Sundays are normally my days of relaxation, peace, family time and getting my productivity/content calendar in order. I choose Sundays because it allows me to have a fresh start & a renewed mindset on the week ahead.

I normally get in my comfort zone which is a quiet comfy space with soft lighting, my Macbook, calendar, pen, pad & of course a nice Sunday dinner igniting a soulful aroma in the air. I start by checking to see if I have any appointments, consultations etc, create my to-do list for tomorrow, create any important information that is needed for my staff & gather my social media content that I'll be utilizing for at least the first 3 days of the week, if not all.

This strategy allows me to be somewhat organized for the week & ready to go in full force! Take a moment & think of ways you can alleviate your weekday stress and create a process on Sundays that your Mon-Friday will thank you for.

Think smarter, not harder.....

Happy Sunday!!