• Kirsten King

Overnight Success Can Take Years

Most people seem to think that they can start a business today and be successful tomorrow. Where did this mentality come from? No one wants to put in the blood, sweat, & tears anymore..... they're wanting instant success. 1:00 START -CLOSE MICROWAVE DOORS- SUCCESS!

But honestly, how often do you sit down and research your role model or favorite celebrity? If you really do your research you will find that most of them have been on their journey for years, gave up 2 or 3 times and started again. Just because we are just now hearing of their success doesnt mean it just happened.

Society & social media has conformed our mindset to think that the stars, gurus, serial entrepreneurs blossom overnight, when really they've just reached the beginning of the success. So, log off social media for a minute, clear your mind, & stop being so hard on yourself. But, understand that success does not come easy and it definitely doesnt come over night. Get ready to sacrifice, lose some sleep, money, & several more things to reach level of success you desire.

When it does happen, it'll be all worth it and it feel like it was overnight!