• Kirsten King

My Life-Changing Weekend

​"The moment you believe in your imagination God begins to move" said Steve Harvey....

About 3 months ago, my mentor Felicia L. Hamilton, sent me an email about the Steve Harvey Soar Retreat. At first I was very hesitant because most of the speakers on the panel I had never followed or been a huge fan of. Of course, like any woman we look at the price and my mentor was speaking nothing less than VIP. Needless to say, because she's my mentor I took her word and begin to diligently prepare for the trip and decided to invest in myself and my business.

Fast forward to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International airport October 15th, Thursday evening, I told Felicia lets pray that this conference gives us the boost we need & that we receive knowledge and nuggets that we've never heard before. We prayed for it to speak volumes into our lives.

Upon arrival at the Doral Resort in Miami, Florida, we were wow'd by the beauty of the resort and the hospitality we received at check-in. We unpacked, had girl-talk, ordered dinner and begin to prepare for early morning breakfast.

Heading to breakfast we begin to see other ladies that were attending the retreat, everyone was so happy, excited, welcoming, & in great spirits about the day ahead. Over breakfast we begin to introduce ourselves and everyone begin to speak about how they anticipate what we had in store. After breakfast, we hurried into the ballroom to take our VIP seating, the room was beautifully lit in soft purple tones, dim lightening; simply beautiful. As the session began we hear very upbeat music and the host Doreen Rainey entering the room with high energy and excitement. The atmosphere was on 100, little did I know this was the beginning of an amazing weekend.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday was filled with nothing less than empowerment, motivation, inspiration, networking & transforming of the mind. Each and every speaker that touched the stage poured something valuable into my life that will forever remain with me. Although I enjoyed all of the speakers, the host Doreen Rainey, Steve Harvey, & Patrice Washington really got the tears to rolling and confirmed so many things for me. I never thought that empowerment could bring you to tears and cause you to become so overwhelmed with emotion over your big dreams, goals, aspirations and not knowing which way to go next.

The Soar Retreat ultimately changed my life, my way of thinking, my spiritual walk & it broaden my mindset to know that there is no limit to success; to THINK BIG, use my imagination & FAITH! Thanks to this phenemenoal retreat I'm now ready SOAR....in my Business, Relationships, Finances, & for others who may be inspired by walk. Whatever God chooses to put in my path, I'm READY TO SOAR.